Commercial Prowess

I was always under the impression that “Mortgage brokers” were only for people who required residential property finance. Jodi convinced me to give her a go at financing the purchase of a commercial property.
I found the rates she was able to obtain were better than I could obtain myself but more importantly she handled all the paperwork, the negotiations with the valuers, the bank and the banks back offices. She prepared the credit submission for the bank - saving me hours of frustrating form filling - and knew who to talk to when the inevitable glitches occurred. She gave me different options on the financing from which I chose what I considered most suitable.
My commercial property purchase was settled yesterday - with finance arranged by Jodi from Alchemy Finance.
I would have no hesitation to use her again for similar projects and I would have no hesitation to recommend her to anybody else with similar finance needs.

 - Jim K

Tailored Solutions

I first came into contact with Craig after approaching a few other brokers concerning a home purchase. These other brokers did not want to deal with us despite the fact we were a good credit risk, as we did not fit into the little, square box required by most lenders to obtain finance.
Craig was different. He took the time to get to know our financial position. He helped and led us through the loan application process to ensure that we would get approved for finance at the best rates possible . The successful application was with a lender that another broker who we had previously approached stated that we would not be able to get finance through.

During the house hunting process he was helpful, especially in assisting us to get valuable information quickly that helped with our assessment of each property's value. He had some handy insights, feedback and recommendations along the way that also aided in our house hunting.

Our path just prior to settlement was a rocky one, through no fault of Craig's. But Craig did whatever he could to help ensure settlement occurred on time.

In all our dealings with Craig he was prompt and attentive. I thought his customer service and attitude were first class and in stark contrast to other brokers who we had come in contact with. I would highly recommend Craig, especially to anyone who does not fit exactly within the restrictive, square box used by most financial institutions to assess credit applications.  I think especially for small business owners and self employed people such as us, utilising Craig's services to obtain finance is a must.

 - C. Owen


Jodi has assisted in respect of a number of projects and facilities. In short she is highly intelligent , capable, proactive and a problem solver. She has my recommendation and endorsement without hesitation.


Twice during the last few years Jodi has sourced and arranged a great deal on a Mortgage for my home.  Besides the service being phenomenal, Alchemy is professional, responsive, fast and efficient.  JODI DID ALL THE PAPERWORK!!!!!!  and she definitely doesn’t take ‘NO!’ for an answer from the Banks.  She knows exactly how to navigate bureaucratic and inefficient process.  Did I mention she does all the paperwork???  Alchemy has also gone above and beyond to resolve an issue where the loan wasn’t implemented as per the agreement, well beyond the ‘sales’ period.  I will happily remain a loyal customer and will be back shortly for an Investment loan


- Melanie

Jodi is supremely organised and was available to speak to about my financial matter. Our mortgage was organised with minimal issue because Jodi was seeking the best product for my partner and I. We had purchased off the plan which made things a little more complicated. Jodi puts her client’s needs first, she is easy to contact and she explains things well. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jodi to any of my family or friends. She is highly personable and I felt guided and supported along the way.

 - J.Madigan (Home Owner)


Jodi from Alchemy Financial group has been a fantastic partner in both personal lending and Business Financing. With my personal loans, Jodi has secured a substantial discount from my existing lender, saving me money on our home loan. From a business perspective, Jodi has restructured my finances to both save money on our existing business debt and prepare my business for further lending to expand our business. Jodi and the team at Alchemy take the time to get to know you and your different requirements for financing. It is great to work with a partner that cares about the outcome and never gives up finding the best solution for your individual needs. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Jodi and the team at Alchemy Financial to anyone.”

Jason  - Crust Gourmet Pizza – Gladesville
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